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Dec 31, 2019

Jerry wasn’t very good at a lot of things. He was shy and his grades weren’t stellar. He was bullied at school.

Then he was given a part in the Christmas play at church. No one ever gave Jerry a part, but his Sunday school teacher took God’s Word to heart and knew that if she could help this shy boy, it could change his life. She knew that Jerry was good with mechanical things, so she put him in charge of raising and spotlighting the famous Star of Bethlehem. The result of that defines our discussion this week of letting your light shine bright.

Philippians 2:15 says, “ the stars in the sky.”

When the time came in the play for the Star to be raised, the gleaming silver took everyone’s breath away. There in the shadows of the stage, where no one was looking at him, Jerry did his part. He shined that night, and afterward pats on the back replaced the taunts.

Think of someone you can help shine today.

Let’s pray. Lord, we are all weak vessels, yet you use us to tell others about Jesus. Thank you for that. Amen.

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