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Kerusso® Daily Devotions help you make more room for Jesus. Here you’ll find faith, hope, and joy — bite-sized moments of inspiration for busy believers. You can listen to more episodes along with written devos at


Jul 30, 2021

It’s harder to visualize during the hot summer months, but during Christmas of 1944, American soldiers were dug in against the Germans. The dark, frozen Belgian forest added to the bleak atmosphere. Morale was low, ammo was low, and food supplies were low.


But just when things looked the worst, General Patton’s...

Jul 29, 2021

You probably know whether you’re a morning or night person. Science has some good news for you early risers: Apparently, the early bird really does get the worm.


In a study of early risers versus night owls, researchers at the University of Birmingham discovered strong connections in the regions of the brain that...

Jul 28, 2021

Few of us enjoy chaos. It’s just too...chaotic, right?


The human mind needs order and peace, yet we live in this messy world. Stuff is flying by all the time, and we duck.


Our relationships are a mess, and we have to schedule that root canal...while simultaneously making dinner and cleaning the house.


Is there a...

Jul 27, 2021

Most of us assume that if Jesus had a driver’s license, his listed name would be “Jesus Christ.”


That’s kind of funny, but as usual, our puny human perceptions can’t define Him and box Him in. The Bible tells us in fact that Jesus has many names, each a shining facet of Who He is.


He is called the Alpha...

Jul 26, 2021

It’s kind of fun in those moments when the kids are in bed and the dishes are done, to think about the Big Questions. You know the list.


Why am I here?


What is the meaning of life?


A question that people from ancient times to now have asked is, why in the world, literally, did God create people? We are...