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Kerusso® Daily Devotions help you make more room for Jesus. Here you’ll find faith, hope, and joy — bite-sized moments of inspiration for busy believers. You can listen to more episodes along with written devos at


Jan 31, 2023

Janet remembered how alive she had felt when she was disciplined in her prayer life and Bible study. She surprised herself one day when she blurted out, “I could think clearer, before I got mentally lazy!”


Just saying it out loud kicked her out of the that fog she’d been in since forever.


Joshua 22:5 says,...

Jan 30, 2023

When we look at the amazing diversity all around us in nature, we see that no detail escaped God’s attention. He created all things to live in harmony.


That includes our individual physical bodies. He intends for us to be healthy and whole—mind, body, and soul.


Joshua 22:5 says, “Love the Lord your God, walk...

Jan 27, 2023

Picture what it would look like to lose everything in one fell swoop. Your house burns to the ground. The stock market plummets and all your money is gone. Worst of all, your children fall ill and die. Suddenly, you’ve lost not only your material possessions, but your family, too.


When people refer to someone...

Jan 26, 2023

Carissa was having one of those days. Instead of hitting the snooze button on her alarm clock, she had turned it off. Now the kids were late for school, she was late for work, and the tone for the day was one mad rush — emphasis on the mad. 


As the day wore on, she thought about her impatience and frustration with...

Jan 25, 2023

When you're having a bad day, a run-in with an immensely cheerful person doesn't always turn that frown upside down, does it? Commiserating with someone else though, a word literally defined by two or more people wallowing in misery together, that can be a balm to an anxious and worried mind, sometimes. The relief...