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Kerusso® Daily Devotions help you make more room for Jesus. Here you’ll find faith, hope, and joy — bite-sized moments of inspiration for busy believers. You can listen to more episodes along with written devos at


Jun 30, 2023

Identifying where our problems originate is one thing, but locating the Divine Healer is key in getting clear of obstacles in our lives. 


At each mile marker in our life journeys, God is standing alongside the road, smiling at us, and holding out his strong hand to guide us. And from the indispensable wisdom...

Jun 29, 2023

When fear takes control, God just crushes it.


None of us are immune from feeling unsettled at times. Circumstances have a way of knocking us off balance. How we respond not only affects our lives, but those who are watching us.


In the film “The Patriot,” a Colonial militia leader sees the British kidnap his son....

Jun 28, 2023

No one is truly alone. Some people have many relatives and friends, others just a few. Occasionally, someone will have no real friends or family, but all of us interact with humans, and that over time has proven to be dicey. 


The health of our relationships is one of the biggest factors in how we function each...

Jun 27, 2023

A really cool thing about God is that He has a solution for literally every situation, and that includes mental health. 


We see this especially in the ministry of Jesus, who walked the land healing people of all sorts of terrible things. One day He encountered a man driven insane by demons.


Mark 5:15 says, “They...

Jun 26, 2023

Usually, when we’re looking for some kind of emotional lifeline to get us through the day, we only want to know what God can do for us.


How do we get that peace of mind we desperately need?


One component is simple obedience. At first, this sounds like a test that’s too hard. We need relief right now!