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Apr 27, 2023

Only a person who is wilfully blind could deny that miracles happen today. They didn’t end at the shore of the Red Sea. Malachi 3:6 says, “I the Lord do not change.” From this, we can logically see that the Bible’s powerful and majestic miracles didn’t stop in the first century. They’re still happening. God didn’t suspend the love he dispenses in the form of miracles. 


Taylor McCaffrey was an alcoholic as a teenager. He was also a preacher’s kid, and these combined to weigh him down with guilt. From the age of 16, he drank heavily, but God didn’t leave him there. He says, “On my 21st birthday, I’d been drinking about eight hours straight and simply heard the voice of the Holy Spirit inside me say, ‘Either do what I’ve called you to or I will not continue wrestling you.’”


It sounded so stern. However, so loving, “I was instantly sober.” And that was several years ago. Today, Taylor is still sober. There are also countless examples of what we might call ‘corporate’ miracles—those that bless whole communities. At Christmas time of 2004, a group of 400 believers wanted to hold a Christmas service. The local authorities, though, told them that they could not do that in the city of Meulaboh in North Sumatra. The 400 decided to hold their service in a remote mountain region, and they stayed overnight. Early the next morning, an earthquake and resulting tsunami flattened their city, but they were safe in the higher elevations. Had they opted not to worship Jesus during their holiday, they would have perished.


The fact is our world is miracle heavy. They happen all the time. Miracles happen to ordinary people and to whole nations every day. This is one of the clearest evidences of the power and the majesty of the living God. We can choose to be witnesses for Him by pointing out to everyone we come in contact with that though our world has problems, God is still working in a mighty way.


Let’s pray. 


Father God, thank you. The example of miracles. They give us strength in our faith and a boost to our days. We’re forever grateful to you for routinely doing things that some say cannot happen. In Jesus’ name, amen.