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Nov 28, 2019

During this season of Thanksgiving, it might be a good thing to think about just how good we have it. Let’s do that by remembering the persecuted Christians who left England in 1620 aboard the Mayflower.

Just a few facts from this famous story will make you happy to thank the Lord for what you have. Even if the family turkey is a little dry this year!

Psalm 107:1 says, "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Delays kept the Pilgrims from sailing from England until September. That meant an Atlantic crossing at the beginning of winter. Picture more than 100 people crammed into a 100 ft. long ship. It would be November 27 before a group explored Cape Cod. The cold, the unknown, and lack of supplies made it hard to survive that first winter.

And they spent that winter on the ship in the harbor! The Pilgrims did not disembark from the Mayflower until March of 1621!

All you have to do this Thanksgiving is find a good place to take a nap!

The point is—and we know this from the historical record—the Pilgrims endured, and then counted their blessings. After all, they’d made an almost impossible voyage and then put down roots in the New World.

They succeeded because God was with them, and they knew it.

Do you know God is with you? Do you thank him every day?

Maybe it’s time you start doing that.

Let’s pray. Lord, our ancestors knew the source of their blessings. Help us remember that as we consider our own gratitude. Amen.

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