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Feb 24, 2021

The Bible contains a huge amount of wisdom for us. It’s the Word of God, after all.


Usually, that wisdom is most valuable to us when we are living through tragedy. Those days and nights can be among the hardest we’ll ever have, because the pain seems to be too strong.


Have you ever felt like that?


Our topic this week has to do with Walking By Faith.


Second Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we live by faith, not by sight.”


What does this mean? Well, Scripture tells us that true faith in God is “the evidence of things not seen.” It gives us a picture of waiting for a promise from God; we haven’t yet arrived.


If you are in that place today, make a choice to believe God. He won’t fail you, not even for a second!


Let’s pray. Lord, your timing is perfect, even if we can’t see the end of the journey. Give us strength for that journey. Amen.


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