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Sep 28, 2020

Kerrie sat down at the optometrist’s office and admitted sheepishly that this was her first eye exam in a few years.


“I think I’m doing okay though, doc. I don’t have any trouble reading, but I guess it is a little harder than it used to be to see the tv screen, and sometimes when I’m driving at night, things look a little fuzzy…”


The doctor nodded, asking questions as he ran through a series of lenses. “And how do you see now, Kerrie?”


“Oh, this is just terrible! Clearly, I don’t need glasses, if this is how I’d see with them on.”


“This is your vision without any help at all. You definitely need glasses, and you probably have for a while,” the doctor patiently explained. “I’m glad you came in for a checkup today.” 


2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”


A life without faith is a lot like poor vision; we can be too busy to notice when things begin to get a little fuzzy around the edges.


Faith in Jesus brings the important stuff into focus. When we read God’s Word, the Bible, seek fellowship with other Christians, and communicate with God in prayer, we are effectively holding a holy lens up to our eyes, helping us to make decisions and take action with spiritual clarity.


We don’t need 2020 vision to take the next right step...we just need faith!


Let’s pray.


Lord, thank you for loving us enough to guide our footsteps. We ask for clarity and wisdom in life, and that you will surround us with positive influences that encourage our walk with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.