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Dec 27, 2019

God gives us good gifts all the time. All through the year, not just at Christmas.

One of the truly joyful gifts is the ability to be kind to others. It sounds simple and maybe to some even quaint, but there is power in choosing to be kind.

Choosing to be kind. That’s one of our themes this week.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 tells us to, “Always be joyful.” Paul uses this chapter to describe the heart of a Christian. We are also to “encourage the disheartened,” and “be patient with everyone.”

Although there are studies that prove this, we don’t have to read a study to know that our decision to spread cheer in this world is really important.

Honestly, it also just feels good. Doesn’t it? Have you done this lately?

Minnie Pearl was a fixture on the Grand Ole Opry. Her silly hat and goofy jokes helped make her famous, but the native of Tennessee is remembered for her joyful heart. People who knew her especially felt lifted up just by being around her.

It’s always the season to spread cheer, but especially so during this season of goodwill.

Try it. You’ll help others lean into joy, and it will help you catch the spirit of joy, too.

Let’s pray. Lord, the joy we feel as believers is a good, good gift from our Good Father. Thank you for giving us hope. Amen.


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